Harbin Top Attractions


1. Zhongyang Street

Zhongyang Street, the famous pedestrian street in Harbin, is a 1450-meter long street running from the north to the south. Its northen tip is the Songhua River Flood Monument ( Stalin Park) and southern end is Jingwei Street. Zhongyang Street is a unique European-style pedestrian street with lines of edifices, masses of entertainment areas, and colorful cultural life. All of these buildings are in various styles including renaissance style, baroque style, eclectic style, as well as modern style, a real “Architecture Art Gallery” in China.

2. St.Sophia Church

St.Sophia Church is located on the north of Zhaolin Jie. It is a must to see place in Harbin. St. Sophia Church is the largest Orthodox Eastern Churchin China. It is 53.35 high, first constructed in March, 1907 by Russian Troops. Among the many Orthodox churches and Russian style facades in this region, the St. Sophia Church is the most impressive and imposing structure. In 1903, with the completion of the Sino-Russian railway, the Russian No.4 Army Division invaded in this region. In order to reconsolidate the confidence of the army, the magnificent St. Sophia Church was born, and completed in 1907. Situated in No.1, Century Av. Songbei District.

3. Siberian Tiger Park

The Siberian Tiger Park is located north of Songhua River, about 37 km from downtown Harbin. There are white tigers, lions, lynx, leopards, and black pumas as well as Bengali tigers. The whole park is divided into ten areas including the domesticating area, mature tiger area, young tiger area, liger area, Africa tiger area, the king tiger area, a walking area and a platform for viewing the tigers. The park also provides a tour bus ( a safari-like tour ) to meet the need of tourist pursuing stimulate. The bus is protected by reinforcing steel net.

4. Unit 731 Museum

Unit 731 Germ Warefare Base was once a place where chinese people were tourtured by Japanese experimentators. These victims were exposed to various deseases, poisonous gases, and other dreadful tourtures. The existent main building was the adminstrative headquarters of Unit 731, which housed the offices for commanding officers, aids, specimen display rooms and special rooms for gendarme and infirmary. It was a 170-meter long and 12-meter wide brick and wood structure. The roof was burnt when they rereated in August, 1937. Pay a ticket of 20 yuan, you can see a documentary movie there.

5. Heilongjiang Provincial Museum

Close to the Hongbo Square on Red Army Street, Heilongjiang Provincial Museum is an European style building. The Museum is composed of three exhibit halls — the first showing ancient historical relics of Heilongjiang Province, the second hall for animals, and the third exhibition hall for ancient animals.

6. Dragon Tower

Dragon Tower is really a highrise steel beauty. it is the tallest steel tower in China and the second worldwide, totaling 336 meters including its antenna. The tower is used as the Heilongjiang Broadcast and TV Tower. But it is more than that! It has become a comprehensive multifunctional tower that incorporate the transmission of broadcast and TV, tourism, sightseeing, food and beverage service and much more.

7. Harbin Stalin Park

Built in 1953, as its name suggests, the park is the evidence of the friendship between Russia and China at that time. The park is characterized by Russian style flowers and a series of statues placed along the park. Being right on the southern banks of the Songhua River, the visitors get a close up view of the river, which serves as an ideal place and a natural swimming place for both natives and tourist.

8. Ice and Snow World

Situated in the opposite of the Sun Island Landscape, is the largest, the most brilliant and the most complete park, which is also named “the Ice Disneyland”. Blocks of ice are carved into sculptures and buildings and lit from within to provide glittering lights of ice. The structures include tall towers, Buddha Statues and even restaurants made of ice.. In the Ice and Snow World you will bring you a unique experience such as Ice Bar, Ice Hotel, Maze, Climbing Ice Rock, Golf on the ice ground, Football on the ice ground, etc. which will make your ice dream come true. The ice and Snow World basically starts on Jan 5 and lasts about one month each year.

9. Sun Island

The Sun Island lies at the north bank of Songhua River, opposite to the Stalin Park. For its attractive landscape all over the year, the Sun Island is a famous scenic spot and a good reputation place in Chinese north regions. Once a village for Russians, it is now a water-locked sunny natural bathing place with shady trees and belt beaches. The Sun Island covers an area of 38kms, composing with 20 scenic spots such as Pavilion in Water and Cloud in sky, Crane flock, Mother and Young deer, Youth’s family, Waterside Pavilion and Flying waterfall, making it a scenic area and summer resort.

10. Harbin Polar Land

In Habrin, you are able to experience the real life of the polar region. Harbin Polarland is the first theme park of polar land scenes in China. Inside the sea-blue elegent building of Pole Aquarium, you will find pure penguin family of South Polar, the most active polar bear brothers in China. There are also the wild arctic wolves introduced for the first time in Asia and the arctic fox brothers who can run on the running machine. The most thrill is the exciting polar land animal show – the performance presented by sea lions. The Polarland Harbin is located just opposite the Sun Island.